Terence Mckenna on CUSEEME

schwann (schwann@aztec.co.za)
Sun, 13 Oct 96 01:54 EET

Greetings Sentients,

I'm about to travel into mountain wilderness of the Malutis in search of
Terence Mckenna, my friend in email correspondence. It's a long story, but
Terence is in it. We're all just ordinary people. However some people are
less ordinary than others. Terence is obviously one of these. The last few
weeks have been a blur of editing and writing various articles on 'time' for
Intelligence Magazine and I guess I must have misplaced some because it's
nearly time to pack my bags and head some 1250 klicks to the distant border
between Lesotho and South Africa . Terence wrote me some weeks back;


I am on the brink of beginning my journey. I will leave the laptop at
home, hence this may be the last time that we communicate until I am in
South Africa. I hope that someone is meeting me when I climb down off the
plane. If not I shall be neatly confused. I am abandoning myself to this
Africa thing and have no expectations.
Just Pay Attention, my inner voice says, and everything will be all right.


Terence Mckenna"

An excellent attitude. But let me tell you about the conference in the
mountains. It's at place called Rustlers, 6000 ft. into the Maluti mountains
near a town called Ficksburg. I guess I'll be writing more on them as the
trip progresses. Terence will be arriving in South Africa on Monday and will
be giving a series of lectures at Rustler's Valley on the week of the 15 -
21 Oct. There will be one hour long lecture a day, with an hour before and
after for discussion. Although each lecture will be self contained they will
also run as a consecutive series. I'm told that Course Fees are R150 per
lecture, or R600 for the entire course. For more info. Contact Joel or Frik
at Rustlers Valley.

Their phone number is South Africa - 051/923939
Rustlers is also situated at;

I'm hoping we will open an IRC #channel to the Global Consciousness
sometime during Terence's visit. The channel will be called
#Terence@Rustlers. I will post details. It is also envisaged that Terence
will return with me to Cape Town and make a guest appearance on
videoconferencing software (CUSEEME) from my studio on or around the 20.00
hours GMT on the night of Thursday the 24 th of October. This will depend on
Terence, but those who wish to join in will find the reflector address
posted to the CUSEEME List at Cornell or on the same LISTS and newsgroups
you view this message on.

I will be posting from Rustlers (wemad@cis.co.za) during 15-21st but hope to
be able to use a shell connectionto to check in on my own mailbox. As
Terence hints; "we shall see"

I guess that about kicks it off.



email: schwann@aztec.co.za
WWW: http://aztec.co.za/users/schwann

Ps:For those of you that don't know, according to Stafford, Peter,
Psychedelics Encyclopaedia, 1992, pp III-36; "Terence has recently authored
two major books, a collection of talks, interviews and essays titled The
Archaic Revival, and Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of
Knowledge, a landmark examination of the role of plants in human history.
His classic theoretical exploration The Invisible Landscape, written in
collaboration with psychopharmacologist-turned-ethnobotanist Dennis McKenna,
PhD, is soon to be returned to print [now in print]. Recent years have seen
the growth of Botanical Dimension, an organisation devoted to the
preservation and propagation of endangered plant species of ethnobotanical
interest, of which McKenna and his wife Katherine are founding members."

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