Basic CU questions

Harry (
Sun, 13 Oct 1996 12:40:34 -0700

Hello again,

I have some basic (or so I think) questions about CU. I did not find
these addressed in any readme or faq.

#1. Why is it that only SOMETIMES I get the "gethostbyname" error when
I start up my (WFW 3.11) cu-seeme?

#2. What controls the ability of sending audio AND video (or just one
of these?)? Is it mostly your connection - ie T1 liine vs a 28.8
modem? How much does it depend on YOUR machine - ie 486, Pemntium, Pent

#3. Can I control WHO SEES my vid transmission on a reflector? Or is
it only send to all or send none at all?

#4. I use Demon Dialer - a very very useful tool. But it is a bit
buggy. Are there alternatives that you prefer?

And that's all for now. Thanks to all who addressed my quickcam