Life on Mars Videoconference this week!

Patricia Reiff (
Sun, 13 Oct 1996 19:04:06 -0500 (CDT)

Two Mars "Ask the Scientist" CuSeeMe videoconferences
this week! (new speakers confirmed daily).
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October 15, 1996: 12 - 1 pm CDT: "Possibilities of Life on Mars"
Dr. David McKay, Division Assistant for Exploration and Technology
at Johnson Space Center, Houston, will discuss his amazing
discoveries from the Martian meteorite ALH84001.

October 16, 1996: 10:30-11 CDT and 12-1 CDT: "New Mars Missions"
Broadcast of NASA-TV press conferences. Rice scientists will be online
to answer questions from our Cu-SeeMe audience.

October 22, 1996: 12 - 1 pm CDT: "Fire and Life - the Sun-Earth
Connection" (was carried live from Goddard Space Flight Center
on April 11 - part of the "Teaching From Space" program)
Dr. Patricia Reiff will be online for our Cu-SeeMe visitors to answer
questions via the talk window during and after the program.
(This time is broadcast from Rice and won't also be on NASA TV).

November 5, 1996: 10-10:30 am CDT: "Dinosaurs - Attack and Defend"
Join Christopher R. Cunningham, curator of paleontology,
to learn about dinosaur survival strategies 65-235 million years ago.

As always, use the "talk" (or "chat") window to ask questions - the
speaker's comments will be summarized there for folks with
low-bandwidth connections. (If "talk" doesn't show up on your
menu bar, download"Cu-SeeMe Talk" from Cornell).
(Please check out your equipment beforehand by linking to one
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