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Mon, 14 Oct 1996 13:03:53 -0500

JAMES! Hi guy :)

At 07:28 AM 10/7/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear Cu-seeme buddies:
>I have the cu-seeme enhanced 2.01. I love it!! My audio is great and my
>pics w/most of the guys at the reflectors are fine as well. I was wondering
>if anyone could give me feedback with the 2.02 cu-seeme that is being
>solicited on the Web Page. Is there much of a difference from what most of
>us have and the new version.

You're a little late, guy....2.1 is now out. This is from the 2.0.2 upgrade:

Problems fixed since 2.0.1
The Fonts listing in the WhitePineBoard(tm) now lists the correct fonts on
Kanji systems.
Button text on Preferences now displays the correct English text on Kanji
Last visible grayscale remote video window to disappear during a conference
no longer prevents new color windows from appearing.
Several fixes relating to entering and validating serial numbers.
Canceling out of an installation using a DEMO serial number will no longer
invalidate that serial number.
The file CTL3D32.DLL is now put in the system directory instead of the
windows directory.
With the standalone Listener running, you can now start Enhanced CU-SeeMe
and complete outgoing connections.
Problems with the FTP OnNet 32-bit TCP/IP stack have been fixed.
Enhanced CU-SeeMe now tests that the previously saved capture device is
working before it is selected for use.

and this is from the 2.1 upgrade:

Enhancements for Version 2.1

Improved Internet Audio (handling of packet loss):

If you are using a low-bandwidth audio codec, specifically the Voxware and
DigiTalk codecs, can choose between a Standard audio setting and a High
audio setting. The Standard setting allows you to share audio with users of
any version of Enhanced CU-SeeMe and the Cornell freeware version of
Enhanced CU-SeeMe. The High setting allows you to have maximum performance
and efficiency of transmission, however users of Cornell's freeware and
Enhanced CU-SeeMe earlier than Version 2.1 will not be able to hear your audio.

Hands Free Audio:

You can transmit audio in your choice of 2 modes:

- Push To Talk mode, where you only transmit audio when a button is pressed.
- Hands Free mode, where you transmit audio continuously.

You can select these modes from The Audio Window. Click on the PTT button to
switch between Push To Talk and Hands Free mode.

When you are in Push To Talk mode, the mode indicator button in the Audio
Window reads "Push To Talk." In this mode, when you want to talk, you must
click and hold on the mode indicator. It then reads "Transmitting." If you
are in Hands Free mode, the mode indicator reads "Hands Free." In this mode,
you can talk without clicking on any buttons.

Directory services:

A Web-based directory will enable you to easily find other users of Enhanced
CU-SeeMe, see if they are online, and make a direct videoconference
connection to them. You can also register yourself in this directory so that
other users can locate you.

You can open the Web directory by clicking on the "Directory Services"
button in the Phone Book.

Multicast Support:

You can conference with multiple users, without a Reflector, in a multicast
conference. A multicast conference can be a Broadcast (one-way conference)
or a Group Conference (interactive).

At this time, only Windows users with Enhanced CU-SeeMe Version 2.1 can
create or join a multicast conference. Also, you must have a TCP/IP stack
that supports multicast.

To create or join a multicast conference, you must select he "Enable
Multicast" checkbox in the Communications Preferences window.

To create a multicast conference, select "Create Multicast Conference" from
the Conference menu. Fill in the information in the dialog box presented.
You must fill in the Conference Name, but all other information is optional.

To join a multicast conference, select "Join Multicast Conference" from the
Conference menu. Select a conference from the list presented in the dialox box.

>Second, has anyone attempted to use the new connectix video software,
>(version 1.12 & 2.0*beta). I heard that it is suppose to be tcp/ip
>supported. I also heard that it works well but I could not get it to work
>on my system.

Sorry, I haven't. I paid for WP ECU a long time ago, and I'm addicted :)

>Last, what is the story w/freevue. Has it been taken off the internet. I
>attempted to log onto their home page and I receive nothing. Further, their
>freevue software no longer logs onto to their server.

Streak (the ref admin at UT) told me a few days ago that he is working with
Bill Neisius on something called "freelist" which is supposed to sort of
replace the freevue server, I believe. I'll post more info on this when I
get it.

>It has been nice posting on the list again.
>p.s. tell bill woodland hi :-)

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