RE: Web Drivers License

John W.Osborne (
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 19:16:07 +-1000

People may also wish to try the search servers from which I -always-
manage to get answers.... and

Altavista looks like it indexes just about everything that moves, has an
option to order the queries by word you are interested in as well as the
search terms, and also indexes the newsgroups, not just the web.

Just my 2 cents...

From: Mark L. Bardenwerper[]
Sent: Tuesday, 15 October 1996 13:40
Subject: Web Drivers License

Many new users of the internet (and quite a few of us older ones) get
into a panic when we run into a problem. We run to the nearest listserv
and cry for help. I hope that I am not the only one who has found the
answer to a question ON MY OWN just moments after I have posted.
The most powerful tool that you have? The search engine!
Don't think that if you don't find it on Yahoo on one try that it does
not exist. I personally find Yahoo practically inert. My favorite?
Infoseek! If I can't find it there, I go next to Exite, then to Magellan.
Yahoo is my last resort. Poke at the question. Type "Cu-SeeMe and
gethostname" or "Cu-SeeMe listserv". Use keywords with obvious meanings.
No essays. You may have to reword a few times, but don't give up too
easily. You may have to nibble away at the edges of a problem, such as
"Windows 95 Lockups" or "Windows lockups", or "Windows troubles". You
might even try simply the name of the software provider. I call it
threadwalking. It takes time, but it works, and I have found a lot of
other goodies on the way. Try it: go ahead, pick a subject. Any subject.
Now, type a few key words. Click down through a few pages of findings.
Sift, sift. Wander, wander. Find, find. Don't forget that your time is no
more valuable than anyone else's.

Happy hunting! Be a smart consumer!
(^:# Mark L. Bardenwerper #?)