re: video capture card
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 17:48:29 +0000


i'm trying to set up a partial videoconferencing environment
whereby only a person can send and receive video/audio while
the other parties can only receive video/audio. i'm using CuSeeMe
with Creative's Video Blaster RT300 as the capture card and
Sony's HandyCam as the camera.

however when i start up CuSeeMe, static lines appear in the
video window (sender) and changing all the connections from
composite to S-Video doesn't help. i tried using VDOLive Tools
to do video capturing & i'm able to get a good video capture so
i guess the capture card and video is working properly.

wonder if anybody has encounter the same problem or does
CuSeeMe works with Creative's capture card. any help is
greatly appreciated. thanks & regards.

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