Presidential Debate on ISP-TV Wednesday Night

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Tue, 15 Oct 1996 20:54:53 -0400

*** ISP-TV Program Announcement: Presidential Debate***

9:00 PM ET
Wed. Oct. 16, 1996

ISP-TV will be carrying live coverage of the Presidential Debate between
President Bill Clinton and Senator Bob Dole taking place at The University
of San Diego.

The format will be "town hall meeting" style, and moderator Jim Lehrer will
randomly select questioners from the audience seated on five tiers
surrounding the President and Mr. Dole, who will stand in the center of the

The debate can be viewed on the ISP-TV main CU-SeeMe reflector at IP, or other ISP-TV affiliate reflectors listed at

For more information about the debate, see URL:

Hundreds of viewers can be accomodated on the ISP-TV network of reflectors.
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information about the ISP-TV.

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