Blank screen, still image ?

Jesus Arango (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 13:45:48 -0500

Problem: I am getting blank and still images from the reflector

I have an experimental setup where I have a CU-SeeMe on a LAN. This =
CU-SeeMe is transmiting a video tape to a reflector on the same LAN. On =
the other hand, I have a receiving CU-SeeMe connected via modem to the =
same reflector.
- The reflector has no special configuration.
- The transmiting CU-SeeMe is setup with a max transmision rate of 28 =
and a minimum of 10
- The receiving CU-SeeMe is setup with default conf.

The receiving CU-SeeMe shows a blank video when first connected to the =
reflector. This does not seem to be a transmision problem because if I =
minimize the video window and then maximize it, I get an updated still =
image. If I put another window over it and move out I also get a =

Any Idea on how to configure my setup so this wont happen?