RE: Reflector Sites

Mark Farone (Mark_Farone@SFA.UFL.EDU)
16 Oct 1996 17:27:51 -0500

Some person named on Tue, Oct 15, 1996 9.54a decided to
tell the world:

>Could someone please furnish me with addresses for reflector sites I can
>I am most interested in those I can readily use during the day for serious
>purpose AND.
>I am also interested in where I can obtain addresses for reflector sites
>for nite-time fun,party and romance.

If 'party and romance' is an euphemism for 'disgusting crotch shots', you may
be in luck.

Here are some wonderful WWW pages that actually contain information on
CU-SeeMe related topics. I found these addresses by using a search engine
called AltaVista <>.

Maybe one of these sites contains some answers to FAQ!

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