Re: Basic CU & reflector problems - No Response??

G Pyle (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 19:10:34 -0700

At 09:39 AM 10/16/96 -0700, Harry wrote:
>Is it that everyone's really busy and cant read/answer personal interest
>stuff? Or is it that my basic questions aren't so basic after all??
>If you beleive it is TOO OBVIOUS, could ya at least point me to the DOC
>you think I should have read?

I feel the same, except that I have put a reflector to NO AVAIL since users
CANNOT log onto it SO WHY should I pursue CU-SeeMe technology? I don't care
so much that there is a bug in the v4.00 reflector software BUT I AM PISSED
that Cornell and White Pine could care less about FUCKING TELLING US!!!!!

Just though I'd share. Have a nice day.