No Response to questions asked??

John Ingham (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 13:04:35 +0930

Harry and Jesus Arango and others have complained that they got no response
to technical questions asked.

Guys, there ARE knowledgable people "out there" who WILL answer technical
questions *when they fall within their field of expertise*. But it's up to
you to make clear your equipment mix; for instance...

* Is your computer platform Windoze or Mac?
* What model of computer?
* What version of software are you using - is it the Cornell freeware or
White Pine's.
* Type of capture card?
* Direct Internet connection or via a modem?
* What TCP/IP stack?
* Are you using a Connectix camera (and is it B&W or Colour).

Most knowledgable people on this list would probably have had first hand
experience with only Windoze OR Macs but not both; direct Internet
connections OR modems but not both; video capture cards OR Connectix
cameras but not both; etc.

By the time you put together the various combinations that match your
set-up you may be down to a relatively small group of knowledgable people
on this list. But how can they help you if you don't help yourself by
identifying your set-up as accurately as possible? People have enough to
do in their own lives without chasing after someone who for whatever reason
hasn't bothered to even state his computer platform!

So don't get mad, just try again, including a list of your equipment. You
may be pleasantly surprised at the help that IS out there waiting for you
to tap in on!

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