Re: Basic CU questions: A SECOND TRY

Ulrich Kliegis (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 17:26:53 +0100

OK, here we go.

> Hello again,
> I have some basic (or so I think) questions about CU. I did not
> find these addressed in any readme or faq.
> #1. Why is it that only SOMETIMES I get the "gethostbyname" error
> #when
> I start up my (WFW 3.11) cu-seeme?
If your ISP attributes dynamic IPs it is well possible that there are
some you don't have included in your list. Or you may run different
versions of winsock sitting in different directories, like I do, so that CU does
not see the host file all the times. Then it might be that you start
CU too early, before winsock has finished its housekeeping.

> #2. What controls the ability of sending audio AND video (or just
> #one
> of these?)? Is it mostly your connection - ie T1 liine vs a 28.8
> modem? How much does it depend on YOUR machine - ie 486, Pemntium,
> Pent PRO??
sorry, no sound here.

> #3. Can I control WHO SEES my vid transmission on a reflector?
> #is
> it only send to all or send none at all?

White pine 2.1 offers a (bit clumsy) solution to this by so called
multicasting - works only with other 2.1 - users.
> #4. I use Demon Dialer - a very very useful tool. But it is a bit
> buggy. Are there alternatives that you prefer?

buggy? DD is one of the most stable programs. The instabilities are
in CU.

> I knew I forgot something in my earlier posting.....
> 1. What is going on when you get the reflector's GREETING MESSAGE
> but then a few seconds late you get the "no response" window?? Did
> I connect and then was screened-out? Just a bug? My (client) bug
> or theirs (reflector)?
It seems that the ref does not always exactly know what it does. An
interference between various callers calling at the same time . Only
the fastest win.

> 2. Should I suspect something on my end (either with my provider's
> connection or my cu-seeme program) when I get 20, 25 "no response"
> results in a row. I mean, is that really likely? Shouldn't I be
> seeing at least some "too Busy" or some other reasons. Harry

Suspect several other users that they simply don't leave your favorite
ref when you stand at the door knocking. Queue up, or make a walk to
the coffee machine :)

Hope this helps. Yes, it is alright to ask again if no one answers.
This list is populated by many who have a problem to usnubrcise, err,
ursunnnnnnirbce, wrr, ussusripe, err, yes, that's it , to U.S. :)


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