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Thu, 17 Oct 1996 17:26:53 +0100

> Date: 16 Oct 1996 10:30:17 -0600
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> Subject: Sending color enh cu-seeme

> I have been using a connectix BW camera for conferencing. Last
> night I tried to set up a VCC1 color camera on my 660 AV mac. I got
> the camera to work and to send under my name. Participants could
> see no video. I left two reflectors and found one where I could
> receive color. I Tried color there and no one could see me. I read
> that users with the freeware version cannot receive color so I
> checked to see if the participants were using white pine and many
> were. Can anyone give me any suggestions?
Jane, that confirms my view of the same problem from the other side.
First, some refs running some older software don't convey color, that
is true. But then there are users like me, running the paid WP 2.1
under win3.11 who still have to see their first color video image.

The freeware neither sends nor receives color. You did not mention if
you use that or the WP version. If your local video shows color, you
should be sending color, though.

Did you test it in a dc connection with someone who sees other
senders in color? I tried that, no success either. I guess there are
some configurations that prevent the reception of color. I suspect my
16 bit color SVGA driver to be the culprit. WP could not help on that
so far.

my system: 486 / 80 MHz, win3.11,
Hercules Stinger video board, 800 * 600, 16 bit color,
ISDN (64 kbps) for those who think of speed, WP 2.1

I once tried to set the video to 256 colors. b/w was definitely
faster, one frame even filled with color spots, but not an image, but all
b/w frames showed colored distortions. Back to what I need for my
work, hi color mode.

I have seen screen captures of color CU - but none of that on my
system so far.

Would be nice to hear from others who may have solved that problem.

Don't flame me, I'm only the keyboard player...

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