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Ulrich Kliegis (
Fri, 18 Oct 1996 10:59:47 +0100

> From: Larry Berlin <>
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> Subject: CuDoodle

> Hi Folks,
> It's instructive lurking when answers get posted to the list. Thanks
> all.
> I'm wondering about CuDoodle. Will it send and receive both
> animations and still graphics from the computer screen?
It sends all that is enclosed by its own frame on the screen, even
its own video frame coming from a ref.

Does this
> mean people could use this without any camera gear, yet have fun
> graphics as part of the conversation? Does it work in color or only
> B&W?
AFAIK it now also works in color. Yes, it substitutes a camera. Now,
where is the focus control?

> Thanks to all who have answers.
Always happy to spread the little i know.
Don't flame me, I'm only the keyboard player...

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