Re: Basic CU & reflector problems]

Thierry Masson (tmasson@BayNetworks.COM)
Fri, 18 Oct 1996 10:08:24 -0700


My experience is that there is a bug in the latest version of the
Solaris reflector. Looking with a sniffer shows there is a
misunderstanding between the station and the reflector after a few

download the previous version of the reflector. It will work. Sorry, no
experience with Linux.


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>On Thu, 17 Oct 1996, Randall Badilla Castro wrote:
>> Well guys, let me joint to the group. I have tried both Cornell and
>> Whitepine reflectors on our Sparc 20 (sunsos 5.5, solaris 2.5) with
>> same results..:
>> Grettings and after few minutes ,not answer!! So you are not alone!!
>Hmmm.. we are having similar problem with our relfector on Linux 1.2.1
>I do get the greeting and soon enough there is a time out and
>disconnect reported by the clients (win 3.1).
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