cusdial, mouse freezing...
18 Oct 1996 23:50:06 EDT

Hey, all,

First of all: i wanna say THANX for you that wrote e-mails to me saying
thanx because of the cuseeme dialer, although i received one protesting
this action. I really don't care about that e-mail ... You can't ever
make everyone happy.

NOW: i have a problem!!!
hope you help me, as i did with you:
When i connect to a reflector, most of time some parts of my system
The mouse first, then my screen, and after that the other senders
I think it's a problem with my video card, but even with the driver i
got from trident's site the problem is still happening. Any suggestions?
my system:
486 dx2 66;
20 mb ram
win 95
quick cam color v.2.02
trident isa 1mb (video card)
standard mouse
33.600 bps USR modem