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>I wonder if someone could provide me with a list of reflectors or addresses
>that are appropriate for use for schools. I am very excited about the
>potential of CU-SEEME as an educational teleconferencing tool. I have not
>been able to use it at work because of a fire wall. I have installed the
>enhanced version at home and am getting video and sometimes a little audio.
>Last night I was learning how to make or answer a personal phone call in a
>group conference and received nudity in the return video. Is there something
>I should know when I go to a site that would tell me this is acceptable or
>allowed? It's never been mentioned in the books I've read. Are there
>articles or underground rules I need to know about? C'mon don't die laughing
>here. If I were showcasing this at work and this happened no one would buy
>this idea. Please forgive any naivete. Thanks in advance for you help.

CU-SeeMe is kind of like any other new technology...anything that can be
used for good can also be used for evil.

There is really no "safe reflector" as far as nudity is concerned. ANYONE
at ANYTIME can get onto any of the public reflectors and expose themselves.
The same holds true for a D/C, or a direct connection. Don't d/c with
anyone you don't know and trust, or you may be shocked at what you see.

The only safe reflector is one which is made private by the way it is
installed or configured. It used to be that a reflector could be setup with
a conference number other than zero, and unless you knew the conference
number, you couldn't gain access. The new White Pine reflectors seem to
display all of the conferences in a list, so the conference number alone
isn't enough to guarantee privacy.

The new feature on the White Pine reflectors that should be used for this is
the password. When you connect to the reflector, not only do you have to
specify the correct conference number, but also the correct password, or you
will not be allowed to connect.

Since you want to use CU for educational purposes, you might want to contact
the "Global Schoolhouse" and see if they have any private reflectors that
you could use. There is a link to their page on my "CU related links" section.

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