Report:I've been having fun lately

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 00:48:52 -0500

Pardon my absense from the list lately, but I've actually been USING
CU-SeeMe lately, instead of just TALKING about it. I think I'm about 2
weeks behind on the email, but I'm going to attempt to get caught up real
soon. I HAVE attempted to answer any mail addressed directly to me, tho.
If I haven't answered your yet, I should get to it soon.

A few of the reflectors I've been visiting:
MTV reflector:
almost always crowded, but lots of nice people there. Almost all are
American, and lots of them are actually around my age (41), not the crowd
you might assume wuold be there based on the popularity of MTV with the
younger folks. Rated G, and nudity is frowned upon there. Max senders=25,
max lurkers=3

Notrh Carolina reflector:
Although it's a Cornell ref, it's almost always up, and I've met quite a few
people there from all around the world. Be aware that this place gets a few
wankers now and then, and a few females that like to show off a bit, too, so
be careful which video windows you open!

IBM Reflector:
Conf 0 is G rated, and conf 1 is kind of an anything goes place. Hard to
get into either one, as there is a limit of 10 senders and 5 lurkers, and it
has gained a reputation for nudity, even on conf 0. I've seen my share of
it there.

University of Texas reflector:
Another G rated ref, not in use lately as much as it used to be. The
administrator of it (Streak) is a good friend of mine, and was sort of out
of touch for a while, and the IP has changed a few times in the last 3 or 4
months. His is probably one of the most stable reflectors around, and you
folks should use it if you have a need to conference with a few friends.
Streak is back in school, and the ref should be up and running 24/7. He has
set it up so that if it crashes, it automatically restarts after 5 seconds.
He has also designed a great Reflector Scanner web page, which I'll tell
about later in this message. If you have any events coming up for which you
might need a reflector, get his email address from the Message of the Day
(MOTD) and let him know. He is always open to using his reflector for
special events.

KLBJ Reflector (
This reflector was setup by Realtime Communications, (, my ISP)
specifically for my favorite local radio station. KLBJ has a camera in the
control room (no audio yet, but possibly REAL AUDIO in a month or so) , and
you can peek in anytime you want. They recently won 4 awards from
Billboard, including best morning show (Dudley and Bob with Debra) and the
at if you would like to see pix of the DJs, and they were
even nice enough to add a link to MY CU page on their CU page.

This ref was setup near the end of August, and I have made numerous trips to
the station to do bits of training for the DJs, upgrades, etc. I try to pop
in there at least 3 or 4 times a day just to check out the place. Stop in
and say HELLO sometime. They have had visitors from Scotland, Tokyo, and
there are two guys named "one@imagine" and "two@imagine" from Germany that
stop in regularly. They even called the station on the telephone and talked
to Loris Lowe (voted best music director by Billboard), and she played a bit
of the conversation back over the air. Their toll free number is

I've had an enormously good time getting to know the people at the station,
and have promised to be "on call" for them 24/7 if they have any questions
or problems. I offer this to them (and to them only) as a FREE service,
because I love the folks there, and love the music they play, too.

Now for Streak's Reflector Scanner web page:
The URL for it is

This page is very helpful. The PeoplesNet reflector scanner is pretty nice,
but it has a shortcoming. If you've been out there on the refs, you may
have seen a nickname of "Rat" connecting as a sender, and never sending any
video, or sending any chat. This is the scanner for their web page. The
problem is that if the ref is full, then it can't connect, and can't get any
WHO info on the ref.

With Streak's page, you can check the White Pine reflectorsand find out
IMMEDIATELY who is on them, and you can click on the conference number to
fire off Enhanced CU-seeMe to connect to the reflector/conference.

FYI: Streak says that the newest WP Reflector program doesn't allow telnet
access to the ref like the previous versions do, so the newer reflectors
will not work with this page. If any WP people out there could help Streak
with this problem, please email him or me with details.

Bill Woodland (
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