Just for grins, Connectix/White Pine....

Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 00:56:50 -0500

I want to be able to have 3, yes, THREE quickcams on 3 different printer
ports, and be able to switch between them all via a quick and easy software
switch like this:

cam1 cam2 cam3<-zoomed out
cam1 cam2 cam3<-zoomed in

to do some REAL LIVE video transmitting/production.

Connectix would have to add a function to the driver to select the PORT to
take the video from, like when you go to select the zoom in the current
driver, but then White Pine would have to re-write their stuff to let the
video signals CONTINUE to be viewed/sent while this driver selection window
stayed on the screen. Have you noticed that with the White Pine version you
can't SEE the changes to the brightness/contrast/white balance until you
click on the OK button? The Cornell version let you see the adjustments as
you made them, which I found much easier to deal with.

Do I want the WORLD or WHAT?

OK, get to work, guys. I'm sure it can be EASILY done. It's only SOFTWARE!

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