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Sun, 20 Oct 1996 00:57:01 -0500

At 11:05 AM 10/8/96 +0100, you wrote:
>hiya, gotta question
>we just got connectix quickcams and cornell's cu-seeme software, looks good
>so far, first venture into this stuff. we want to broadcast from a bar in
>town interviews with local DJs and celebs and general goings on. also take
>questions from those watching possibly. the bar is hooked up with modems
>and powermacs.
>can someone tell me if this is all we need to do:
>1. make sure all who want to watch download cu-seeme and lurk
>2. allow lurkers to view video
>3. publish our I.P address
>4. bootup cu-seeme on the mac in the bar, start broadcasting
>is that it? or do i need reflector software?

You have to use a reflector for multiple people to conenct to you, unless
you use the latest White Pine WINDOWS version of Enhanced CU-seeMe, version
2.1, which supports multicasting. I don't think the Macintosh version
supports multicasting yet.

>also could someone explain in easy terms just what a reflector does? or
>point me to a readme or web page that can tell me (in nice easy terms).

Try Cornell University's CU-SeeMe home page at
and click on the link there for "What is a refelctor"

>thankingyouall in advance
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