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Sun, 20 Oct 1996 00:57:10 -0500

At 12:40 PM 10/13/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello again,
>I have some basic (or so I think) questions about CU. I did not find
>these addressed in any readme or faq.
>#1. Why is it that only SOMETIMES I get the "gethostbyname" error when
>I start up my (WFW 3.11) cu-seeme?

Is it the "gethostBYname" or the "gethostname"? There is a big difference.
You should only get the first one when trying to connect to a reflector by
NAME instead of IP, and the name is not correct. The second error is what
you probably get when you startup CU, and is usually caused by a Reverse DNS
problem, which can occur now and then. I have an explaination of this error
on my web page, but now have some more info to add:your ISP must not only
program their DNS correctly, but they must also setup a REVERSE DNS.

>#2. What controls the ability of sending audio AND video (or just one
>of these?)? Is it mostly your connection - ie T1 liine vs a 28.8
>modem? How much does it depend on YOUR machine - ie 486, Pemntium, Pent

The biggest factor is your connection speed (like about 95%), but the speed
of the computer can also make a difference (5%). OK, flame me if you like,
this is just a quick answer.

>#3. Can I control WHO SEES my vid transmission on a reflector? Or is
>it only send to all or send none at all?

Anyone on the ref can open your video window if they's sent to
all that want to see it.

>#4. I use Demon Dialer - a very very useful tool. But it is a bit
>buggy. Are there alternatives that you prefer?

I just use the built in phone book with the Enhanced CU from White Pine.
When you first attempt to connect, make a note of the numbers that showup in
the conference window (10/5) which tells you that there are 10 senders, and
5 lurkers. If it's full, click on connect, then hit enter if the conference
window shows that there is room for another connection. If the ref is still
full, just hit escape and then click on connect again. I find this much
faster than the demon dialer.

>And that's all for now. Thanks to all who addressed my quickcam

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