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At 05:48 PM 10/15/96 +0000, you wrote:
> i'm trying to set up a partial videoconferencing environment
> whereby only a person can send and receive video/audio while
> the other parties can only receive video/audio. i'm using CuSeeMe
> with Creative's Video Blaster RT300 as the capture card and
> Sony's HandyCam as the camera.
> however when i start up CuSeeMe, static lines appear in the
> video window (sender) and changing all the connections from
> composite to S-Video doesn't help. i tried using VDOLive Tools
> to do video capturing & i'm able to get a good video capture so
> i guess the capture card and video is working properly.
> wonder if anybody has encounter the same problem or does
> CuSeeMe works with Creative's capture card. any help is
> greatly appreciated. thanks & regards.
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Straight from the COMPAT.TXT file at Cornell:

Product: Video Blaster RT300
Confirmed by: Rich Kennerly <>
Made by: Creative Labs
Problems: unknown
List Price: $499.95

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