Re: Quickcam with powerbook, PC card modem, SLIP?

John Ingham (
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 10:01:35 +0930

Bob just said...

>I'm having trouble connecting from home. I'm trying with a Mac Powerbook
>5300 with a PC card modem (from Global Village) using SLIP (InterSLIP). I
>think the problem is something like the Quickcam (in the printer/modem
>port) needs Appletalk turned off and SLIP (or the modem) needs it turned
>Any suggestions? Thanks!

I haven't had experience with either Slip (I use PPP) or a Mac 5300, but
what you have said about the Connectix camera needing Appletalk Off is
correct. But that should not be a problem because Appletalk is only
applied to ONE serial port at a time.

You should be able to assign Appletalk to JUST the port where your modem is
connected. I can't try it out right now because I'm on a PCI Mac which
uses Open Transport, but I know I had no trouble setting this up on my
little LC-1 at home.

And when you install the Connectix Camera drivers you are asked to nominate
which port you want the camera to connect to. In fact this might be your
easiest solution - just re-install your Connectix Camera first one way, and
then the other.

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