NT Reflector-How to send message to all users?

Brett Schechter (bschec@ccnet.com)
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 22:31:58 -0700

It has been a few months, and setting up my free ref is nearly complete.
Now if only PacBell would follow through with ANY of their promises!

I've been practicing on my local network, and one seemingly simple thing is
eluding me--how do I send a message to all users while the ref is running?
Namely, pop up a message of the day type dialog window to all logged in

While I'm begging, perhaps the folks at White Pine will see my plea for
better documentation. I can't believe how many reflector commands I'm
discovering by accident, or how choppy the command paragraphs are in the
PDF. PLEASE append and revise the docs!