Re: (Fwd) CU-SEEME-L digest 938

Bernie Verreau (
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 23:19:25 -0700

> Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 22:29:28 -0400 (CU-SEEME-L Digest 938)
> From: Richard Irwin <>
> Subject: CU-SeeMe over Slirp?

> [..] I am currently connecting to the 'net via slirp and getting
> mixed results w/ CU-SeeMe. I can connect to a reflector and recieve
> video fine, but outbound data (my vid or chat) doesnt' seem to get out. > If I redir a port before I connect, I can't connect; but if I redir
> the port after I have connected, my vid and chat get out, but I tend
> to pop in and out of the ref which is most annoying to the other
> folks. Anyone have any ideas?

It gets worse than that. I reported yesterday that I had lost the
ability to connect with the DIGEX reflector since they converted to
White Pine software. Yesterday I tried again using SLiRP and was
surprised to find full access was restored. I was beginning to
doubt my previous report, when I received the following email from
someone at DIGEX:

> ISP-TV is back to running a Cornell reflector for (hopefully) a short
> might want to see if it works for you now.

That pretty much confirms it. SLiRP (and probably TIA and other SLIP
emulators) consistently fail with White Pine reflectors. As more and
more sites switch to the commercial software, we'll have fewer and fewer
reflectors to choose from. I'm still hoping for a technical solution,
but it seems to rest in the hands of the people at White Pines.


Bernie Verreau,, Redwood City, CA