Re: NT Reflector-How to send message to all users?

JayHill (
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 22:28:23 -0700

Brett Schechter wrote:
> It has been a few months, and setting up my free ref is nearly complete.
> Now if only PacBell would follow through with ANY of their promises!
> I've been practicing on my local network, and one seemingly simple thing is
> eluding me--how do I send a message to all users while the ref is running?
> Namely, pop up a message of the day type dialog window to all logged in
> users.
> While I'm begging, perhaps the folks at White Pine will see my plea for
> better documentation. I can't believe how many reflector commands I'm
> discovering by accident, or how choppy the command paragraphs are in the
> PDF. PLEASE append and revise the docs!
> TIA,
> Brett
are you having trouble with pac bell ?
allways ask for a supervisor !!

I 'work-em' so hard sometimes ,.,,,,.,.,

I got a writen apologie from a operator that was rude to me a weeks
back... customer contacts 916-965-2401

you might try asking for the 'MAJORS' next time you call for
tech support...

do tell when you get the reflector IP