Re: Quickcam with powerbook, PC card modem, SLIP?

Robert Hsiung (
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 10:54:14 -0600


It's wonderful, all the responses (most of them direct emails) I've
received. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there's an easy fix. Maybe
the answer is not to use SLIP, but PPP or TCP/IP? Does system 7.5.2 do
TCP/IP? TCP/IP is Open Transport, right?



At 10:01 AM +0930 10/22/96, John Ingham wrote:

>>I'm having trouble connecting from home. I'm trying with a Mac Powerbook
>>5300 with a PC card modem (from Global Village) using SLIP (InterSLIP). I
>>think the problem is something like the Quickcam (in the printer/modem
>>port) needs Appletalk turned off and SLIP (or the modem) needs it turned

>I haven't had experience with either Slip (I use PPP) or a Mac 5300, but
>what you have said about the Connectix camera needing Appletalk Off is
>correct. But that should not be a problem because Appletalk is only
>applied to ONE serial port at a time.
>You should be able to assign Appletalk to JUST the port where your modem is

>And when you install the Connectix Camera drivers you are asked to nominate
>which port you want the camera to connect to. In fact this might be your
>easiest solution - just re-install your Connectix Camera first one way, and
>then the other.

Well, the "printer" and "modem" ports are combined on the 5300, so that's
where I plug in the Quickcam. The PC card, of course, goes in the PC card

Also, the only Appletalk control I know about is in the Chooser, which
doesn't allow you to specify where to apply it.

BTW, someone else (I won't say who, since it was a direct email) said:

>It turns out that
>the modem software still ties up the serial port, even if it's connected
>via a pc card. They need to figure that one out at apple.


At 11:45 AM -0700 10/21/96, someone else emailed:

> I don't think SLIP needs appletalk on, in fact I'm almost sure that it
>doesn't care at all, since its on the internal modem port.

See above regarding ports...

> If you don't get any good advice off the list I'd suggest posting again
>with more info.
> (What exactly doesn't work)

If Appletalk is off, I can connect to a reflector, but I can't transmit any
video. If it's on, I don't remember for sure (I'll try it again tonight),
but I think it hangs when I try to establish the SLIP connection.

> Also post to the comp.sys.mac.comm group .

Good idea, I'll try that, too, though I don't know how much they know there
about Quickcams...


At 4:07 PM -0700 10/21/96, someone else emailed:

>While my setup is a bit different, Powerbook 540C with internal Powerport,
>I was also unable to get my Quickcam to work unless I turned off Appletalk.
>That is not a problem for me as I am using FreePPP but like you, I was not
>able to get the cam to work until I turned Appletalk off. Is there anyway
>you can use FreePPP?

In the package I got from the network people here, it was in the MacTCP
section that it said that MacTCP wouldn't work if Appletalk was off. I took
that to mean it wasn't possible to connect with Appletalk off, though I
suppose it might just mean the control panel won't work...

Anyway, I thought PPP used MacTCP, also. If it works for you, though,
that's the bottom line...


At 6:46 PM -0700 10/21/96, someone else emailed:

>try gettin TCP/IP ...its included with the app "Microphone" ...slip is too


At 11:32 PM -0400 10/21/96, someone else emailed:

>Bob, does this problem only occur when you try to use the Quickcam? I have
>a friend who also had trouble with a Powerbook 5300 and a Global Village
>platinum PC card modem. It would not allow him to connect to his server to
>check email.

Eudora works fine. Fetch works fine. Navigator works fine. You get the idea...