Back from Rustlers

schwann (
Wed, 23 Oct 96 02:15 EET

Terence Mckenna: - The Psychedelic Shaman at Rustlers: - Impressions

It's Tuesday. I think I'm back in Cape Town, but Rustlers is still in my
minds eye and the keyboard feels different. My mind is concerned with things
like remembering all the stuff that's happened while I was gone. I guess
some of you will know what I mean. Leaving Rustler's in the Eastern
Transvaal at lunchtime we decided to drive through the Karoo at night which
gave me lots of time to figure things out because it's like a 1300 klick
drive. My car is an old '67 Pontiac GTO, 6.5 litre V8. Optimism prevailed
and we hurtled at high speed like a meteor cruising sublight through
midnight desert and moonlit sky. It was cold and my window had jammed half
open. Mike, my intrepid navigator-co-pilot wrapped himself in a blanket and
became a monk. At one stage outside a place called 'Three Sisters' we drove
through a desert rainstorm. This is rare. I'll be writing a story for one of
the big mags on the 'meeting in the mountains' but meantime this one's for
especially for the Internet and all the people I know and also for those
I've yet to meet. As I type I'm listening to Terence talking on my tape deck
and he's talking about cyberspace, so let's cut to the chase.

The week with Terence went by as we knew it would - quickly.
"See you downstream", were his last words to me. He was wearing his
favourite "Hawaiian Nation" T. Shirt and headed towards lunch at the bar,
doubtlessly to be buttonholed by some intrigued person. A conversation with
Terence is like a walk in a garden. A walk in a garden with Terence is like
the unveiling of previously unglimpsed dimensions of 'history' from many
different viewpoints simultaneously. Terence said; "we are a mystery veiled
in an enigma locked inside a riddle". He has an insatiable appetite for
examining his environment and constantly notes that if we; "pay attention"
we will 'see' how things work. He is also a charmingly erudite and educated
man of superior intelligence and wit. 'Lectures' were conducted in a room
with a live rock garden visible behind a glass wall and draped velvet
hanging from the ceiling. The acolytes lounged on cushions or propped
themselves up wherever they could. Terence sat x-legged on a raised dais in
a corner surrounded by lit candelabra. For South Africa this was a
revolutionary presence. The group comprised of Doctors Lawyers Scientists
Shamen Sangomas ordinary people and assorted TV Crews but there was a
feeling of unity between us. Terence advocates the use of psychedelic plants
because our ancestors used them and because they 'work'. He feels that that
mankind represent some kind of bizarre nexus of energy, chemistry, spirit
and time that is unique in eternity. This, he feels, represents opportunity
and the unfolding of the dimension of hope and what human existence is meant
to be. His immediate answer to modern life is for us to continue linking
ourselves together at higher and higher bandwidth. I figure he'll continue
to be popular in cyberspace. I'm including a pic but there'll be more at