Mac ONLY -- limited alpha/beta test openings

Astrid Juerges (
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 20:24:48 -0400


!!!Enhanced CU-SeeMe Mac v2.1 Alpha Test Ahead!!!


White Pine has presently a number of openings for our external field test
available. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to submit your
application to participate in the field test for the Enhanced CU-SeeMe Mac.

Kindly complete and sign the enclosed agreement and fax a hardcopy back
to Astrid Juerges at 603-886-9051. We are looking at a test cycle from
October 1996 through January of 1997. These dates include the beta as
well. Some modifictions to these dates are subject to change without prior

The distribution of alpha versions will be conducted via ftp, where
password restrictions might apply. You should also expect to download
several consecutive versions throughout alpha. This will ensure that you
have the benefit of testing the latest features and bug fixes.


Please complete the test site profile below. This information will
enable us to select potential test sites. Participation is not
guaranteed; it will be determined by the profile you provide. Please
complete all fields. If you have any questions, please contact Astrid at
603-886-9050 x336 or e-mail

Confirmation of your partipication will be send to you within 2 weeks
of receipt of your application.

Enhanced CU-SeeMe for Macintosh v2.1 Alpha Test Application

Address 1:
Address 2:
Address 3:


Complete multiple profiles for multiple computer systems.
Just copy the form below and paste as many times as needed.

Macintosh Computer System:
Macintosh Computer System Vendor:
Macintosh Computer System OS:
TCP/IP (MacTCP or OpenTransport) & Version:
Internet Connection (Modem, ISDN, LAN & Speed):

Monitor Type:
Capture Device (AV Card or External SCSI):
Camera (color/ black & white):
Camera driver version (if applicable):
QuickTime version:
SoundManager version:

Please explain any problems you are presently unable to resolve with
Enhanced CU-SeeMe for the Macintosh v2.0.0. Also state if you contacted
our Technical Support staff regarding this problem:

Please tell us briefly about your field test experience as well as video
conferencing experience in general:


Note: This form can not be returned via e-mail, a hard copy is required.
Please fax the completed and signed agreement back to Astrid at 603-886-9051.



This is an agreement between <your name> (Tester) and
White Pine Software, Inc. (Owner) in which Tester agrees to field test
alpha or beta versions of Enhanced CU-SeeMe Mac v2.1 and to keep Owner
informed of the results of the test.


Tester agrees to use the Program as it is intended to be used for a
minimum of <any number to which you can commit> hours this test period.
If Tester discovers any problems with the Program, Tester shall fill out
a Problem Report Form supplied by Owner, documenting to the best of the
Tester's ability the events that led up to the problem in the Program and
manifestations of the problem. Problem Reports shall be mailed to Owner
within forty-eight hours of the first noticed occurrence of the problem.
The test period shall start on October 1996 through January of 1997.
These dates may vary slighly.

Owner shall supply Tester with a copy of the Program and any necessary
documentation or instructions regarding its operation. The Program shall
remain the property of the Owner and, upon completion of the test period,
the Tester shall return the program and all materials supplied with it to
the Owner.

Testers who actively participate in the testing of the program, and who
provide useful feedback, will be entitled to one (1) complimentary copy
of the final shipping version of the product when it is released. This
copy is intended solely for the Tester's personal use. The complimentary
copy will not be distributed to other users within Tester's company, even
if Tester's company is under a Site License agreement with Owner.


Tester understands that the program is experimental and that Owner does
not warrant the performance of the Program in any way. All warranties
regarding FITNESS and MERCHANTIBILITY are hereby disclaimed.
The program is accepted AS IS, and owing to its experimental nature
Tester is advised not to rely exclusively on the program for any reason.


In accepting the Program, Tester recognizes that the Program is a trade
secret belonging to Owner. Tester hereby agrees not to disclose any
information relating to the Program (including its existence) to third
parties without written permission from Owner. NOTE THAT THIS


Tester agrees not to sell, transfer, modify, reproduce or distribute any
copies of the Program or the original Program to third parties. Tester
accepts the Program under conditions that it is for Tester's own use and
for no other purpose. Tester hereby acknowledges Owner's copyright in the
program regardless of whether copyright notice appears on the Program or
whether it has been filed with the Copyright Office.


Tester acknowledges that the existence of this Agreement, other
information provided to Tester by Owner and Tester's experience
in testing the Programs may constitute material inside
information and may restrict Tester's ability to trade in Owner's
Common Stock. Tester agrees not to purchase or sell shares of
Owner's Common Stock during the term of this Agreement without
the express written consent of Richard M. Darer, Owner's Chief
Financial Officer.

The parties hereby acknowledge that there are no other agreements, verbal
or written, between Tester and White Pine Software, Inc.

White Pine Software, Inc. Tester

Astrid Juerges
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__________________________ _____________________________


Best Regards,

Please make note of White Pine's new address
Astrid Juerges
Enhanced CU-SeeMe
Quality Assurance Project Leader
White Pine Software, Inc
542 Amherst Street phone: 603.886.9050 x336
Nashua, NH 03063 fax: 603.886.9051