Re: memory/disk requirements for UNIX reflector?
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 23:11:28 +0000

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> Subject: Re: memory/disk requirements for UNIX reflector?
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> How the hell do Ted van der Togt wrote:
> >
> > Dear Sir, Madam,
> > I have been asked to set up an experimental reflector for a big
> > organisation and wonder what hardware would be a good start. Ted
> > van der Togt, Iway Technologies

> > Amsterdam, the Netherlnad
> How the hell do I get off this list

You get off the list by reading the instructions that came in
response to your original subscription message, which clearly
delineate the steps to follow. Find them. Follow them. It works.

You get ON the list of obnoxious, boorish, inconsiderate, unmitigated
assholes by quoting someones good faith request for assistance in the
sarcastic manner in which you did and when there was no earthly reason
to do so other than to satisfy some childish craving.

The fact that US Americans in general have a very sour reputation with
many peoples of the world is due in no small measure to the selfish
stupidity represented by your useless and unnecessary post. Had you
merely asked how to get off the list in an adult, civil manner,
without needlessly involving someoen else's innocent request for
assitance (part of the reason for this list BTW) in the way you did, I
might have taken the trouble to locate my list of instructions and
forward them to you.

But it appears you are more concerned with venting your frustrations
in a childish manner than with achieving your goal. Normally that
doesn't bother me; involving innocent others, and slyly riduculing
them in the way that you have may satisfy your anal retentive cravings
but it aggravates me no end.

I hope you rot here in "list hell" forever!

Kent Starr
aka Wizzardc