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Michael Lucas (lucas@sun.mech.uq.oz.au)
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 13:34:32 +1000

At 10:27 PM 10/23/96, VAnce L. Barskile Sr. wrote:
>cu-seeme unsubscribe

please read the instructions given to you when you joined the list.

Alternatively, within the last 24 hours you would have received a post to
this list that contained the "Hall of Shame" - this also had instructions
on how to remove yourself from the list.

if you no longer are in possession of either set of instructions, here they
are again :

send your message to LISTPROC@CORNELL.EDU

leave the subject line blank

body of message : UNSUB CU-SEEME-L

Do not attach a signature file, send your message.

I hope this helps.....