Re: Cu-SeeMe WhitePine problem with color QuickCam

Ulrich Kliegis (
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 17:16:49 +0100

Isabelle wrote:

> When I
> launch
> CuSeeMe, I see
> my image (with color) in my local video window but my receiver
> receive a black video window (nothing in his video window). I'm in
> "CrystalNet SFM Codec" video compression.
> If I change the video compression (=> Cornell Cu-SeeMe Gray) my
> local
> video window
> becomes gray and I transmit to my receiver the gray color, that's
> all !!
> What's wrong with my configuration ?

Probably nothing. Did you try this with another receiver? The one you
describe acts very much like my installation here, despite having 2.1
(paid!), a 64 k Connect, a 486 - 80MHz (which should be fast enough),
all under win3.11, I still have to see my first colour transmission
from somebody else. There seems to be a configuration inconsistency
that the Wait Pain people either never saw or ignore. Hint: Does your
receiving partner run his video board (the computer display, that is)
in more than 256 colours? I have a Hercules Stingray configured for
65 k colours, and it seems to be a driver problem to convert the CU -
video raw output into that format. I once switched to 256 colours and
did see some coloured spots in one frame, but also coloured seams along contrast
edges in b/w frames. Since I need the high colour resolution for my
other work, I compromised and just live with b/w only :(.


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