RE: No Video

Mark Farone (Mark_Farone@SFA.UFL.EDU)
25 Oct 1996 13:23:40 -0500

From: "Cindie Y. Young" <>

>Hi! I'm using Cornell's version 0.85b1 for PPC on my Mac8500,
>running system 7.5.3 with an ethernet connection. I've used previous
>versions of this software before, and they worked fine. Now, for reasons
>unknown to me, I not only cannot see my local video, but I am unable to
>send video(oops...forgot to mention I'm using a B&W QuickCam).
> The QuickCam software works fine, but in my search for what went
>wrong, I noticed that in my Sound and Display control panel, there is not
>an option for selecting the QuickCam as a video input source, but there is
>an option for selecting the QuickCam mic as audio input. Could this be
>the problem? How do I get around it?

Ther first step is to check if you have the QuickCam extensions installed
(check System Folder:Extensions). If not, you may need to re-install it using
the disks that come with the QuickCam. Before re-installing, be certain that
they are not already installed and that you have "disabled" the extensions
using the Extensions Manager control panel or another utility such as Now
Utilities Startup Manager (else re-installing will still leave them disabled).

Mark Farone
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