Newbie with basic questions

Island Lady (
Fri, 25 Oct 1996 15:19:20 +0100

Firstly, let me apologize in advance for asking questions that may
have been asked and answered my chagrin, I only found one
answer via the archives, then I got a tad crazy looking "in the
vault"<g> here I ask you directly...many thanks for your help.

1. I have a b/w quickcam camera. It is plugged into the "modem" port
of my Mac Performa, is there some way I can log on the net
and use my quickcam? FWIW, when I tried to plug the camera into the
other option "printer" port, it made life heck for trying to switch
back and forth from printer to camera...words of wisdome please!
(is there some great cable that allows both? or am I missing "the
big picture" ...ack!)

2. So far, whenever I have tried to connect (audio) via CU-Seeme
to any of the "event" sites listed, I can not times
out. Is there something I'm doing inherently wrong, or is there a
max number of users and I'm maxed out?

3. Thank you to the people who asked and answered the question
(found in the archives) about how to get one's dynamic IP address!

lastly, an aside...[my Performa 578 is running 7.5.1, has 12mg RAM,
hence 24 mg w/RamDoubler, has no FPU co-processor, and I use a
28.8 faxmodem]

Peace, ..Zoe --