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Sun, 27 Oct 1996 15:30:16 -0600

At 10:02 AM 10/27/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Does anyone know where I can get a driver to use the QuickCam with
>Windows NT?
>Thanks in advance.

Straight from the NEWS section of my web page:

Windows NT BETA driver for the B&W Quickcam now available

From: Ron Bates
The greyscale NT driver is still in beta, however, because of a large demand
for it, we have made this an open beta. To
date, the driver appears pretty solid. It's been tested under 3.51 and also
under NT 4.0 beta 2.

If it will work under 4.0 release, it should, however, we have no way of
guaranteeing that as Microsoft could(although
it's pretty long odds they won't) make some drastic change in the release
version. The color driver will be at least a few
months down the road. If you are interested in trying the greyscale beta,
please check the following URL and
PLEASE(caps for emphasis, not for yelling :) ) read the following faq for
info regarding reporting problems. Thanks for
your time.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Why is Connectix doing an Open Beta with the Grayscale QuickCam Driver for
Windows NT?
Many customers have requested a driver for the Grayscale QuickCam under
Windows NT. In fact, we promised to
have the driver available in July. Our QA department is very confident that
this driver is stable. However, we would like
to get it to a wider audience to insure this stability.

Since Windows NT is a new operating system for us to support, we want to
start slowly. The Technical Support staff is
in training and will be ready to support Windows NT fully in the coming weeks.

When will the Grayscale QuickCam Driver be released?
We hope to release it officially by the end of August.

What does the Installer include?
The installer includes all files necessary to use the Grayscale QuickCam
with a Video for Windows compatible
application under the Windows NT operating system. We do not include a
Windows NT version of QuickPICT or
QuickMovie, they are still in development. Users will need to have an
application that runs under Windows NT (such as
Premiere, CUSEEME, VIDCAP, etc.)

Will this driver work with the Color QuickCam?
No, this driver is designed for the grayscale QuickCam only! It will not
support the Color QuickCam. We are
investigating development of a Color QuickCam driver for Windows NT but do
not have a schedule or a release date at
this time.

What Technical Support is available for the Open beta?
Connectix will not support this Open Beta release through our standard
telephone, electronic mail or online service
support systems. Connectix will support the final release of the Windows NT
Driver for the Grayscale Quickcam when it
is released.

If the user would like to report a problem with the installer or the driver,
please send mail to:
Again, this email address can not be used for support issues.

Can I use VideoPhone with this driver under Windows NT?
No, the current version of VideoPhone, 1.1.2 , does not work under Windows
NT. Connectix is working on the
problem and a future release of VideoPhone will support Windows NT.

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