"WinCast/TV dbx" & CU-SeeMe

Daniel W. Erskine (derskine@apci.net)
Sun, 27 Oct 1996 18:25:00 -0600

Long time, no (CU)see(Me)! I just purchased a new TV tuner board, that I
would like to add to your list of hardware supporting CU-SeeMe. The
products name is "WinCast/TV dbx", from Hauppauge, Inc
(http://www.hauppauge.com/hcw/index.html). This TV tuner/capture board
requires a PCI slot and does not require a VESA feature connector!!! In
order to display the TV/captured picture, WinCast requires 1/2Mb of the
video card's free memory, which it "maps" the TV image to. Also, the video
card MUST support the "DirectDraw" libraries. WinCast supports Microsoft's
Video for Windows (AVI) format. I have tested CU-SeeMe (via loopback
connection), and found WinCast to work perfectly!

Thank you for you time,

Daniel W. Erskine

PS - I have given up ALL hope of being able to get my ProMovie Studio card
to work :(