Re: FREEZU-freezeme

Robert Lefebvre (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 10:07:30 -0500

Kenny Hannah wrote:
> wrote:
> >
> > Listen:
> > Why do almost everybody get errors with CU-seeme and Enhanced CU-seeme?
> > Everybody who use QuickCam (including me) have problems. The system is
> > always halting. What are we doing wrong?
> > Which system we are supposed to use?
> > mine is:
> > 586dx133mhz
> > 16mb ram
> > 1mb trident 640x480x16.777.216
> > win95
> > QuickCam Color
> > Both CU-seeme versions
> > Sound Blaster 16
> > USRobotics 33.600 bps
> >
> > Can anyone tell me what's wrong?
> > If it's in a faq or home-page? if yes, tell me the location, please.
> >
> > hugo pereira, rio de janeiro, brazil.
> Hi Hugo,
> I have the exact same configuration as you have (except I have 24 meg of
> ram) and
> I really haven't had any problems with WP or Free Cornell version.
> Except for setting it up incorrectly in the beginning.
> What kind of problems are you having? Maybe hardware instead of
> software.
> Kenny Hannah, Memphis, TN (USA).
I have 40meg of ram and i have problems too ... i dont think the ram is
the issue maybe a part of it but not THE problem.

Maybe it would be interesting to know the percentage of cu-seeme users
tha do have real problems (installation ruled out) and on wich version
and the percentage of successful setup.

So far these hanging problems (sound related) are keeping me from buying
the WP version and the lack of support on the color QuickCam from using
the Cornell version... Anyway my trial period of WPine is over and i
cant make myself confortable with the idea of downloading another demo
from WhitePine ...and another one ... and another one ... till it does
good work worth the money ... Since there is a free version around.
And i think it is on purpose (since WP has bought some rights on the
program) that the Cornell version does not support the Color QCam ...
Tell me im wrong please ...

I had to free my heart of it all thanks for listening ...

P.S. I do have a good PC fast pentium,compatible video and sound
etc...its worth a lot of money ,so much that i could not buy it myself
if i wanted (The Company is good for me)