Snappy 2.0 is FINALLY out!!! Can it do better CU-SeeMe now?
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 14:57:38 -0500 (EST)

I've been checking every few days ever since I learned about
their new Snappy. They wouldn't release info in email (I tried a few
times). So as I had predicted, Snappy 2.0 is identical to the older
Snappy mechanically, but it sports a really nice set of new software.
All 32bit for 95/NT.

My question is if anyone had tried the new software with CU-SeeMe and can
perhaps share some thoughts. Do we still need CUDoodle with it? Can we
now view color in the preview screen (and transmit it to the other party
with Enhanced CUSM)? I hear that now you can select the size of the screen
which is REALLY COOL in order to speed up transmission (in expense of
viewable window-size, of course).

Play Inc. offers a software upgrade to current owners though they
didn't post the fee on their bizpage ("nominal" is what I remember
reading). I'd guess $30 shipped.

The Snappy is SOOO freakin' awesome. Why the hell would anyone want to
buy a digital camera when they can just use their camcorder, use a
high-grade tape, use a high shutter rate, and extract BEAUUUTIFUL stills
from THAT SPECIFIC moment you would have NEVER caught with a still camera
in the first place!

OK, enough drooling, catch ya later