Re: About the WP demo version....

Ronald L. Lightman (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 23:31:41 -0600

>> Anyway my trial period of WPine is over and i
>> cant make myself confortable with the idea of downloading another demo
>> from WhitePine ...and another one ... and another one ... till it does
>> good work worth the money ... Since there is a free version around.
>There's no need to download a new version of CU-SEEME once it is
>expired.... All you have to do is:
>1) trash the expired one
>2) re-install the old demo you downloaded a lot of time ago...
>3) connect to WP site, asking for a new serial number
>It will work.
>But the real CU-SEEME user still loves the Cornell version ;-)
What is this? One thief telling another how to steal?