Re: Quickcam with powerbook, PC card modem, SLIP?

Robert Hsiung (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 08:32:42 -0600

At 8:57 AM -0600 10/21/96, I wrote:

>I'm having trouble connecting from home. I'm trying with a Mac Powerbook
>5300 with a PC card modem (from Global Village) using SLIP (InterSLIP). I
>think the problem is something like the Quickcam (in the printer/modem
>port) needs Appletalk turned off and SLIP (or the modem) needs it turned

Thanks again for all the help from people here. I looked into this, and it
appears that the problem is that Appletalk takes over the printer/modem
port, so the Quickcam can't use it. I came across two simple work-arounds:

1. Set the Network control panel to Ethernet. That's only an option if you
have that option, however, and also it apparently draws more power.

2. Get an "adev" called SingleTalk from Info-Mac and set the Network
control panel to it. It fools Appletalk into thinking that there's another
port, so the printer/modem one gets left alone and the Quickcam can use it.
Someone who emailed me before mentioned "dummy adev", which is something
similar, but not quite as good, at least according to the SingleTalk