My problems.
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 18:27:46 -0800

To whom may help me,

(Maybe you've responded to this message before. If so, please forward a copy of
your help again. I'm signed up to the list through another email address now so
I can communicate with the list.)

I get the error "GetHostByName() failed(0)". My internet provider is
Sprynet. I have an AMD 586. I have a hosts file with "
Roel Zylstra" in it. My host file is in the path
"c:/sprynet/bin/hosts". I've also tried the hosts file in the path
"c:/sprynet/tcp/hosts", this is the path that has winsock.dll. I've
only got one "hosts" file. I'm using Quickcam from Connectix. What's
going on?

Roel Zylstra