Re: About the WP demo version....

Robert Lefebvre (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 02:49:32 -0500

> >> Anyway my trial period of WPine is over and i
> >> cant make myself confortable with the idea of downloading another demo
> >> from WhitePine ...and another one ... and another one ... till it does
> >> good work worth the money ... Since there is a free version around.
> >
> >There's no need to download a new version of CU-SEEME once it is
> >expired.... All you have to do is:
> >
> >1) trash the expired one
> >2) re-install the old demo you downloaded a lot of time ago...
> >3) connect to WP site, asking for a new serial number
> >
> >It will work.
> >
> >But the real CU-SEEME user still loves the Cornell version ;-)
> >
> >Giorgio
Ronald L. Lightman wrote:
> What is this? One thief telling another how to steal?

You surely are worth more than what you are writing ...

I dont think he was telling me to steal ... He merely opened my eyes to
the fact that THERE IS A FREE VERSION AROUND that works fine and that i
was loosing my time downloading it over and over again ... so why bother
?I can and will pay if i decide to keep the WP version.

Yes its promising and yes it works and yes it is supported but its not
the only one around and the battle is not finished between the giants
(Microsoft and Netscape) and we will all benefit from it,in time (look
at the october edition of PC MAGAZINE . Ive been in this business long
enough to know what is stealing and what is not (softwarewise).

WhitePine plays the game by GIVING demo versions after the other to
catch some clients in the way ... i am just not ready to bite the worm
is too young ...

Dont lose your time barking at other dogs they can bark back at you and
lose some precious internet bandwidth and money in the process not
speaking of all the noise it makes.

Who are you anyway to trow the first rock ? ...

Im begining to understand why poeple are shy to write at lists and why
they UNSUBSCRIBE so fast ... :-(