RE: error type 11

Mark Farone (Mark_Farone@SFA.UFL.EDU)
30 Oct 1996 10:10:38 -0500

From: on Wed, Oct 30, 1996 8.55a

>I have been using 0.85b1 for a month or so and just recently it is causing
>an "error type 11" on starting the program and crashes the system.
>I'm using a MAC PPC with 16 megs and the Connectix color cam. There are no
>other apparent problems with any other aps.

Not enough info to comment.
You don't mention what Mac or system software you are using.
Also, are you using virtual memory?
Do you have an L2 cache (which causes some type 11 problems on some models)?
Also note that color is not supported by the Cornell version of Cu-SeeMe.

Mark Farone