solution via help from y'all re: Appletalk /Printer serial SNAFU

zoe (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 13:36:51 -0800 (PST)

Thank you folks for you help and time.

My solution to get my quickcam and DEClaser printer working from
my printer serial port without having to reboot.

(firstly..there's a problem when one turns off the extension for also HAS to turn off, from the CHOOSER option, the
active /inactive option as it "overrides" the extension being off)
Rumor has it that 7.5.5 eliminates this problem...I am running 7.5.1

With the help from your replies, and special help from those cc'd
specifically, I have
1. Purhcased an A/B switch, data transfer switch with
8 pin mini din male/male stright-through cable.

2. I just downloaded the Dummy adev 2.0 and installed it
(thank you for your "in-fighting" as I would have missed
this info if there was no discussion on which one to
use <g>).

I reinstalled the quickcam software with the appletalk extension and
chooser off (as well as holding the shift key down to disable all
extensions on the restart). I selected the printer port option. I
rebooted and reapplied the latest patch to quickcam software that I
downloaded from Connectix.

I then rebooted with my appletalk extension on again (as well as all
my usual extensions).

In my "a" port of the a/b switch is my printer cable; in the "b" is
my camera. When I go into chooser, and turn "on" the appletalk
switch, and move my A/B switch to "A" works just fine, no
rebooting, thanks to the *dummy adev* (this was not working until
I loaded this extension).

When I then turn off the appletalk via chooser, and turn my switch to
"a", the camera works! <ta da! g>

That's it folx. It took too many iterations and mail messages and phone
calls to vendors and questions online while doing the "cuseeme" thing...but
this works for me, so I hope I can save someone from having to do the same
thing by summing up what worked for me.


I have a Mac Performa 578 (no FPU); 12 mg RAM, 28.8 external modem
DEClaser 1152 printer, Iomega Zip drive off the SCSI, Quickcam (B/W),
and Belkin Data (a/b) Switch. I'm running MacOS 7.5.1

I hope this helps someone else out in the future...

Be well; pax, ..Zoe

"Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!" ~ ~ Zoe ~ Island lady