Re: About the WP demo version....

James Crittenden (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 06:50:01 -0800

At 12:41 PM 10/30/96 +0000, you wrote:
>> COME ON !
>> You surely are worth more than what you are writing ...
>> I dont think he was telling me to steal ... He merely opened my eyes to
>> the fact that THERE IS A FREE VERSION AROUND that works fine and that i
>> was loosing my time downloading it over and over again ... so why bother
>> ?I can and will pay if i decide to keep the WP version.
>> Yes its promising and yes it works and yes it is supported but its not
>> the only one around and the battle is not finished between the giants
>> (Microsoft and Netscape) and we will all benefit from it,in time (look
>> at the october edition of PC MAGAZINE . Ive been in this business long
>> enough to know what is stealing and what is not (softwarewise).
>> WhitePine plays the game by GIVING demo versions after the other to
>> catch some clients in the way ... i am just not ready to bite the worm
>> is too young ...
>> Dont lose your time barking at other dogs they can bark back at you and
>> lose some precious internet bandwidth and money in the process not
>> speaking of all the noise it makes.
>> Who are you anyway to trow the first rock ? ...
>> Im begining to understand why poeple are shy to write at lists and why
>> they UNSUBSCRIBE so fast ... :-(
>You're right.
>I was only saying that it's absloutely useless loosing time in
>downloading the WP version (almost 2MB for the Mac version) when you can
>have the Cornell one for free (and it's only 350K!) with no need in
>After all the WP version is not so expensive, I think that anyone who
>feels the need of color broadcasting can afford it, and perhaps the WP
>one is faster than the C. version, I don't know yet.
>But the Cornell version is
>1) smaller
>2) lighter
>3) FREE, born in a University, not to make money
>4) goto 1
>Bye for now
> Giorgio
>PS I think that "steeling" and "being a thief" is something more serious
>than NOT downloading software...
>Dear Cuseeme Buddies:
I have been reading you two go back and fourth with this bickering about the
WP Serial# v. the Cornell Version. Let me tell you all something...there
was a short time in the past that the internet was made to be a freelance
operation. Meaning that those with the ingenious mind to create and
innovate ways of getting and collecting w/out cost was the way. Hackers
reign and the little man benefitted. Now with the unbelievable advances
that have happened on the Net in the last two years all are thinking profit
and hammering "moral" when it comes to taking advantage of not to stable
software for profit. Really that is what it comes down to. Enhanced
Cuseeme is a great product and a lot of fun to use. However, it is not a
stable product and should be questioned on its dollar value. The support
for the product sucks, the faqs are not that great and b/c of the different
versions that have been produced in the last six months it is difficult to
connect with someone with a different version outside a server. The only
"fair" compromise WP makes is that if you bought the 2.01 or less that you
can upgrade for free to their newer version. But, what happens by 97 when
all video and audio applications for the net must be compatible for one
another? Those of us that have the older version are we left out in the

Hey, my opinionis if a small few can get a way to not buying a product more
power to them. If they ever find a way to get the product to work really
well for the common person to get it running to their advantage then I would
not mind buying it with a smile on my face.

My 2 cents.