Re: need: r. site for CUSM event

G Pyle (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 10:37:47 -0800

At 12:08 PM 10/30/96 +0100, Artists' Television Access wrote:
> Need a reflector site (local?, with big bandwidth) for 24-hr. CUSM
>event in Feb. My name is Tara ( the hosting org. is
>Artists' Television Access. Should be very glamorous and exciting, good
>press coverage. Please help. (Yoo hoo,MTV, are you listening?) Appreciate
>all info and or feedback
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>call 415-824-3890 to get on our mailing list
>or e-mail us your address!

Toooooo Baaaaaad the Sun OS Reflector version DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

But you can use certainly use my reflector and my T1 if you don't mind that....

Cornell personel should tell us what works, what doesn't, and what they plan
to do next. The users of CU-SEEME are not the ones responsible for the big
hype around this flaky software.....

And to Michael Sattler, I want a refund on your book of lies.