Re: need: r. site for CUSM event

Brian O'Shea (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 17:51:02 -0500

>Toooooo Baaaaaad the Sun OS Reflector version DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

Just a minute here, I would appreciate it if you didn't go making blanket
statements without backing it up with some facts!

Which reflector?
White Pines or Cornells, and which version, 2.0.1, 4.0B3?

What version of Sun OS?

I know for a FACT that the White Pine 2.0.1 and Cornell 4.0B3 reflectors DO
run on Sun OS, and Solaris 5.3. There was a problem with the White
Pine reflector that was built on Solaris 5.3 when you try to run it on Solaris
5.4. Sun changed something from 5.3 to 5.4 that caused the reflectors that
were built on 5.3 to crash. If you want that one fixed, call Sun. The White
Pine Reflector also has a build for Solaris 5.5.

>But you can use certainly use my reflector and my T1 if you don't mind that....

And which reflector is that? What platform?

>Cornell personel should tell us what works, what doesn't, and what they plan
>to do next. The users of CU-SEEME are not the ones responsible for the big
>hype around this flaky software.....

Well, I'm certain that Cornell would gladly refund the purchase price... Ohh,
that's right, you DIDN'T pay for it, sorry....

>And to Michael Sattler, I want a refund on your book of lies.

Geeze Gordon, get up on the wrong side of the bed, or what!


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