Sound Blaster Awe64 Gold conflict.

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 23:56:53 -0400


a woman with an ibm compatible, windows95 and a new Sound Blaster Awe64
Gold sound board sent me the following message. any suggestions on what the
source of the problem is as well as how it can b solved would b
appreciated. the problem occurs when she tries to run the color version of
quickcam in black and white mode with cuseeme when the sound board is
installed. quickcam works fine with cuseeme when the sound board is removed.

it sounds like it may b an irq conflict. if it is indeed an irq conflict
how does one go about resolving it. i dont know how many slots she has
free. she is using enhanced cuseeme (im not sure of the version).

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Subject: computer

The message I get is:

CUSeeme 32 caused a general protection faul in module sb16snd at

If this problem persis contact your vendor...

The problem persists and I have contacted CuSeeme and Sound
results....they each say the other is responsible...

I can send you a copy of my cu info file...let me know if it is

Thanks a lot for your help.

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