George Shutrump (
Wed, 1 Oct 1997 02:28:52 -0500

I have a PB 1400c with 40 megs of Ram running OS 8. I have an ActionTec
33.6 PCMCIA modem and a color QuickCam. The QuickCam works just fine
except when I try to do teleconferencing.

Prior to logging on to a site I disable the 'auto' settings on the camera
and set the depth to 16-bit grey scale. I set the Cu-seeme preferences to
view '3' connections - myself and two others. I set 'receive' to 10 min
and 18 max. I set transmit to 10 min and 16 max. I usually leave the
tolerance alone and set the contrast appropriately. Audio is OFF.

When I connect to a site, none of the other participants can see me -
complaining that my 'image' is too large. Since I don't know how to reduce
the size of my 'transmitted' image, I seriously limit the usable bandwidth
and can only view/receive one image at a time - and it takes anywhere from
30 to 120 seconds for another participant to become visible.

My modem works fine with AOL and Earthlink (my internet service provider),
and I have spoken with other PB 1400c/QuickCam users and they DO NOT have
the said problems that I have with teleconferencing.

Any and all suggestions as to what I should do will be appreciated.

Thanks for your time and attention.