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Gary Dietz (
Wed, 01 Oct 1997 09:01:04 -0400


I suggest these places:

The Global Schoolhouse Network may be willing to give you some time,
perhaps low cost, perhaps free. Ask them. See

Powerscourt has a series of commericial Reflectors and MeetingPoint servers
for rent. They are VERY reasonable for monthly hosting of private
conference rooms, and will provide some level of tech support. See

Some local and national ISPs are starting to test and rollout MeetingPoint
as a commerical service. I suggest e-mailing your local or national ISP
and asking them if they are currently on board.

If these avenues fail, contact me directly and I'll see what we can do for
you here at White Pine--no promises(<=== This is not an open invite for
free private conferences people!)



At 07:21 AM 10/1/97 -0400, wrote:
>I have just joined your list and am getting really interested iin video
>I found you because I am a member of a search committee looking for a new
>minister for our church. We have a list of many candidates accross the
>country and thought that video conferencing between the minister and the
>committee would help us ( and them) winnow down the search and save wasteful
>plane trips.
>Since I have now camera or software for this purpose and our candidate likely
>doesn't either, do you know of a way to get lists of sites that might rent
>time to us or help us out. I imagine there is some expensive corporate
>solution for us but I'm fear it would be beyond our means.
>Thanks for any help or leads
>Tom Kruskal

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